Amour & Discipline

Just a little less than a week from today, what I hope will be a major revolution in music sharing/donation will launch. On March 8, 2012, the collective webzine and a non-profit donation platform AMOUR & DISCIPLINE will be officially launched.

The main goal of A&D is to turn music profits back to musicians themselves, so that they get all the cut instead of the companies hosting/promoting their music, which often turn out to be rather… greedy. The whole point of music sharing in the modern age (existing in the shadow of such sinister proposals as ACTA or SOPA) is explained fully in the breathtaking full manifesto, or briefly in the short manifesto. What is more, A&D will be a collective webzine where bloggers, musicians, journalists and label owners will write articles, reviews and interviews about various going ons in the music underground. I’m proud to say I’m taking part in Amour & Discipline and delivering articles.

Please read the manifestos (at least the shorter one) and support this amazing idea. Being a part of it I wish it nothing but the best of luck. Spread the word and be tuned in for the beginning of a new chapter on March 8th!


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