Review: Long Pond – Rose Worm (Couples, 2012) + “Your Body Is a Punishment” zine

Anthony Record comes back to life In 2012 with a tape released by his own imprint Couples Records. But that’s not all. Record has also released an artbook with his own drawing under the haunting title “Your Body Is a Punishment”, which perfectly embodies the disturbing artwork in the book. But more about that later.

The tape, entitled Rose Worm, is the second tape (after Pageants on Norwegian Koppklys label) and his third release in all (the CD debut, A Fog of Unrest, also released on Couples Records). The sleeve for Rose Worm foreshadows the dark, brooding, yet deeply psychedelic and resonating drones carried out here. The sounds on the tape are a warm miasma of gracefully dusted analog drones, made to sound as if found on vinyl in some forgotten warehouse or library, some esoteric sounds from a late 70’s or early 80’s astral traveler, who might have also consumed some acid in the creative process, resulting in a stretched-out, long, winding “sustained nirvana” pieces, which evolve slowly and soon explode into almost abrasive walls of bass.

The tracks – just as the both sides of the tape suggest, there are three tracks on each side of the tape – blend seamlessly with each other into a wall of delicately vibrating, fragile, yet at the same time monolithically massive, are moving forward at a glacial pace. In fact, they could be standing still all the time, vibrating from all the incredible energy and the tension accumulating beneath the angelic surface. There is a slight sense of danger emanating from these drones.

This feeling can be amplificated greatly while reading Anthony’s artbook under the name mentioned earlier. It consists of a series of horrifically deformed bodies drawn in an half-abstract style, often blurring the lines, but still living the vague, implied contours of accidental legs, hands, hirsute limbs and random eyes or mouths where they shouldn’t be. The faces of those creatures, sometimes in a spasm of horror or pain (or both), are sometimes grotesquely cartoonish, often looking like twisted, deformed versions of Disney or Warner Brother characters. His work seem to recall a simpler, more cartoony version of Zdzisław Beksiński’s morbid surrealism.

View more pictures on Anthony Record’s Flickr.

Buy the tape from Couples Records website!


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