Weed Temple donations

Dear Readers,

In the past 4 years the Weed Temple has evolved from a little, one of many download blogs into a (somewhat) significant website for reviews, new releases and the introduction of new, little known artists. There are interviews with musicians from the psychedelic underground and information of new labels and releases. See, this is my point: to expand Weed Temple even more, to make it a truly informative website for (nearly) all important happenings in the musical underground, while not abandoning its original purpose of promoting talented newcomers (with free, legal downloads if possible) and reviewing the hottest releases, both from the unknown, shadowy figures and the more “settled” artists.

This is why I’m asking you, dear Readers, for your help. I want to purchase the domain name “weedtemple.com” for even easier access. But that’s not all – I want to transform Weed Temple into somethng more than merely a blog. Namely a fully functional, re-designed and informative website that will not abandon its roots: it still will provide legal downloads of albums to be discovered by the dear Readers. Not to mention there would be a complete design change, to make the site easier to navigate and more attractive visually.

This is where I’m asking for your help – as you might have noticed, there’s a “Donate” button on the right side of the page. You don’t have to donate much – one two, or five dollars will be fine. I will be truly grateful for any amount of money, no matter how small. Weed Temple needs your help. For the last 4 years, I’ve been providing (or at least trying to provide) you some of the most exciting new names in the psychedelic underground. Now it’s your turn. Help me make the Temple even better.

Thank you!


Jakub Adamek 


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