New releases from Orange Milk Records

Abstract-minded Brooklyn record label Orange Milk has dropped three hot new cassettes by three projects, each presenting their own take on the twisted trippertronics Orange Milk are known for.

“Intercourses” by Man Made Hill is a playful, twisted take on the synth pop and 80’s plunderphonics aesthetics filtered through the prism of the modern-day “new weird synth” craze that bathes everything in dusted, hazy ooze and pours it into your ear with a perverted pleasure, exposing you to catchy melodies warped into mutant hit collection.


“Engines of Joy” by Maharadja Sweets hits a harsher, more lo-fi vibe and a strange outsider aesthetic practised by the mastermind behind Maharadja Sweets, New York’s Richard Exelbert. A seasoned warrior in open mic nights, Richard crafts his own dirty folk music, raw and uncompromising. Think The Microphones minus the thunderous drum section.


Criminals are Leslie Weibeler and Andy Burkholder (who also happens to be a visual artist). Their “Babes” cassette carves its way slowly through the walls of ominous industrial, mechanical drones and brutal noise collages with squelching synths and occasional violin madness. Inhuman sounds and ear-piercing feedback may not be the most pleasing listening experience, but they definitely make for an exhilarating one.

The three new cassettes (as well as OM’s previous releases) are available at their Storenvy website


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