New label: HLF/PIN

Contuinuing our regular “column” describing newcomers to the record label industry, I present you HLF/PIN MZK, a net-label based in London, UK which started in March 2012. They describe themselves as a “non-for-profit” label, and musically, they want to release albums by, in their own words, “best unknown artists that specialize in making ambient, experimental, lo-fi, drone, plunderphonics, psychedelic music, or just anything that is different”. Since I’m a sucker for plunderphonics and there seems to be a rise of p-phonics (think of OPN’s “Replica” and James Ferraro’s “Far Side Virtual”), I can say there are some high hopes for this label.

HLF/PIN on Facebook

HLF/PIN on Tumblr 

The first release by HLF/PIN is “MEDI4 DOWNLO4D” by San Diego’s experimentalist Colestock. Broken, warped jazzy beats meets found sounds and dusted hypnagogic fog. The result sounds like an ambientalized hip-hop effort recorded straight onto a shoddy tape which is so worn-out it might break at any moment. The album is available for free download from Bandcamp.

HLF/PIN’s second release, which is about to drop next week, is an album by an ambient artist called Beams. After hearing what Colestock has to offer it has to be said that Weed Temple will watch the efforts of HLF/PIN and its alumni in the nearest future.


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