DSTVV – Molly Soda EP

To celebrate the Blame Aspartame blog starting following Weed Temple (I feel honored!), here’s an EP by the San Francisco weirdo pop deconstructionist project DSTVV, led by former child model and an otusider Tumblr celebrity Joel Cusumano (the prioprietor of the aforementioned blog, which is, according to one of the visitors, “like going to a laugh museum”). The sounds of Molly Soda, the second release by DSTVV, are described by the author himself as “industrial grungegaze”, which is not as preposterous as it might seem at first after listening to the EP. Harsh, electronic beats make a frame for the smeared, distorted guitar phrases and pushed back vocals which reveal w well-hidden pop sensibility injected with a sense of humor and a knack for experimentation. Well done, DSTVV!

DSTVV – Molly Soda (Free download!)



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