So, the End of the World didn’t happen after all, which is a very good thing, because I didn’t have my “best of 2012” list prepared at that time. Thankfully, such a list has been prepared for today. It contains the albums I’ve liked the most in 2012 – it is a completely customized, personal, selfish, original list that doesn’t stick to any particular genre (well, many of them fall under psychedelia, DUH). Many of them probably ain’t cream of the crop (I don’t care), and some of them I’ve reviewed here during this year. The albums are in no particular order, I don’t care about the 10-1 type ratings, let’s go:


Jam City – Classical Curves (Night Slugs)

Someone on Rate Your Music described “Classical Curves”, the debut full album from the London producer Jack Latham, as the “hard-hitting version of Far Side Virtual”. When listening to the glistened, sample-treated HD house pieces from the album, one cannot shake the feeling that this is what James Ferraro had in mind when composing “Sushi” – Jam City retains the vaporwave-y edge with its satirical take and sometimes jarringly artificial beats, but goes specifically for the club-based experience, quoting legends of house and UK bass music on the way – “How We Relate to the Body” sounds like the updated, HD and wi-fi age version of Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909”. Filed under: dystopian nightlife.

Jam City – Her & The Courts

Jam City – How We Relate to the Body


Actress – R.I.P (Honest Jon’s)

London based no-fi beat producer Darren Cunningham found a very special niche in the whole minimal techno scene with his one of a kind Actress project, deconstructing house and techno tropes and sprinkling them with a generous amount of lo-fi haze and glitchy ooze. With his third album, “R.I.P”, Actress goes further into the microhouse territory, juxtaposing almost New Age ambient interludes with straight-up killer bangers that are just waiting to blow your head up. Despite the minimal, raw aspect of his music, he manages to keep it deeply atmospheric, switching from heavily pulsing near-dark ambient structures (“Shadow from Tartarus”) to blurry and nostalgic psychedelic soundscapes (“Caves of Paradise”).

Actress – Serpent

Actress – Shadow From Tartarus


Fabulous Diamonds – Commercial Music (Chapter Music)

The Australian duo Fabulous Diamonds specialize in murky, knee-deep in fog psychedelic pop that can be described as a more narcotic version of Peaking Lights. Steeped in dub and a slow, tribal drumming a bit reminiscent of Pocahaunted at their haziest. Shoegazey, endlessly echoing vocals work perfectly with the slowed down, monotonous drumming and raw, simple synth patterns that propel the sounds forward without any effort, throwing the listener into the timeless maze.

Fabulous Diamonds – Lothario

Fabulous Diamonds – Wandering Eye


Goat – World Music (Rocket Recordings)

From the village of Korpilombolo deep in the forests of Northern Sweden, hails a bunch of afrobeat shamans that light up the taiga like the African sun. Shocking the fuck out of everyone with their all killer no filler debut album that literally came out of nowhere, Goat prove again that Sweden remains one of the prime movers of the psychedelic rock world. Dirty, funky bass meets scorched, stoned and fuzzed out furious guitar and some of the most ferocious female vocals this side of Ginnungagap. They may be white on the outside, but their souls sure are blackest of the black.

Goat – World Music (full album)


Can – The Lost Tapes (The Grey Area)

While “The Lost Tapes” by the German krautrock legends Can is not technically a 2012 release (no shit!), the release of staggering 540 meters of tape containing some unknown gems from the catalog of Can makes his compilation one of the most imporant (and the best) releases of 2012. 3 CDs contain about three hours of Can’s best jams recorded between 1968 and 1972 as outtakes and live versions of tracks appearing on studio albums. Especially attention-worthy is the hypnotic, otherworldly drum work of the one and only Jaki Liebezeit. From the early raw & maniacal jams with the American madman Malcolm Mooney on vocals to the more jazzy and experimental jams with the Japanese madman Damo Suzuki, “The Lost Tapes” is one of the most intense & exciting psychedelic releases of 2012.

Can – Dead Pigeon Suite

Can – Waiting For the Streetcar


Moon Pool & Dead Band – Human Fly (Not Not Fun)

Moon Pool & Dead Band might be the most “fun” side-project of Nate Young, who is most known for him being a member of the Detroit nihil-noise unit Wolf Eyes. The Moon Pool & Dead Band duo still channel the lo-fi, dystopian Detroit vibes, but this time the approach is much more rhythmical, almost club-like, considering we’re talking about a guerilla house party in some scummy, seedy neighborhood. Taking the electronic musical traditions of Detroit and looking at them throught the nostalgia sunglasses – except not the pink ones, but the sunglasses from “They Live”.

Moon Pool & Dead Band – Human Fly

Moon Pool & Dead Band – Cyber Rebels


Daniel Bachman – Oh Be Joyful (Debacle Records)

Fingerpicking guitar prodigy Daniel Bachman goes completely un-digital and anti-Internet on his album “Oh Be Joyful”, focusing on the local instead of the global. Heartfelt, emotional primitivist folk ballads travel back to the roots of the American spirit and the importance of the community and tradition. But even more importantly, Bachman reflects through his songs the life itself: sometimes happy, sometimes sad, always different, and always changing. His painfully simple (yet skillful) songs carry a heavier emotional load than any carefully arranged post-rock album released this year (yes, including the new GY!BE).



Planets Around the Sun – Ram of Heart and the Earthen Chariot (Sloow Tapes)

Enthusiastically received by me (but not only me), Planets Around the Sun collective represent the best in communal psychedelic spirit of free, unlimited creation and the travelling, freewheeling approach. This lenghty tape collects jams recorded over the course of a few months in the weirdest of places and contains some of the best free folk/free rock recorded this year, which has an air of improvisation, yet doesn’t feel like it’s going nowhere. Despite the improvisational attitutde, the tracks are competent, well put together and most importantly, fun and trippy.

Planets Around the Sun – Water Dub

Planets Around the Sun – Sunshooter


White Manna – White Manna (Holy Mountain)

I have developed a trust for Holy Mountain Records, because I don’t think I have ever heard an album released by them I would consider “not good”. The self-titled vinyl by the Californian psychedelic bunch White Manna is another hit-the-spot. Even though White Manna don’t break any new ground here in terms of music, their debut album is a healthy slab of reverbing, fuzzed out freak out in the best sense fo the word.

White Manna – Acid Head

White Manna – Keep Your Lantern Burning

Feel free to comment on my list and feel free to write about YOUR favorite albums! I realize this list is far from complete and I that I’ll probably add more albums to this list or just published some sort of “2012: Overlooked” list later on. Have fun listening! 🙂


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