Special announcement from Weed Temple

Hello, dear Readers.

As most of you have noticed a long time ago, there’s a small “Donate” button on the right of the page – as described there, it’s for the re-design and the purchase of the “weedtemple.com” domain. Some of you may be wondering: “So, where’s the great new website?”. Well, rest assured – I’ve been contacted by the individual behind the stellar label Auris Apothecary. who offered to redesign the site. At this time, we’re discussing details of the website’s new look, purchase of the domain will come after.

Now, however, I’m asking you, dear Readers, to use the “Donate” button for a different reason: to help me.

Long story short, I’ve run into some financial problems. The costs of repairing the car I recently bought (Volkswagen Golf IV, no less!) turned to be much higher than initially thought which lead me to a rather serious financial situation. I’m trying to make ends meet until the end of this month, unfortunately the next salary comes at the beginning of April.

I feel like a goddamn beggar asking for this, but I have no other choice. So I’m asking you to donate any sum (even one dollar will be great!) to help me with my problem. All my life I’ve been trying to handle my matters all by myself, without asking for help. But now comes the time that it’s time to ask You, the Readers, for help. So please, if you happen to have a spare dollar or two you’re willing to share, do it.

I’m very sorry. And very thankful in advance. I hope you understand my situation (most people have been in such a situation in their lives).

Please, help me.

UPDATE: I’ve also been thinking, forced by the situation – as a form of last resort – to sell some of the tapes I have. I love them, but unfortunately, listening to them won’t make me richer. And sadly, there are moments in life when money is more important than music. What do you think – should I make a list of tapes I’d like to sell? Please reply in the comments.


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