Abrasive, feedback-laden, unrelenting, screaming, thrashing, aggressive, but with moments of simple rock music beauty – this is the newest release by the Swedish noise rock unit ÅBE2. As they put it, their music harkens back to the best of 80’s and 90’s noise rock. And it’s true – sometimes it’s lacking almost any structure, just abusing the hell out of their guitars for the sake of abuse, however, at other times it screams “SONIC YOUTH!!!” from a mile off. 27 short pieces filled with fuzz, anxiety and emotion. Buy the cassette from Nomethod Records and let yourself drown in noise.

Rakit Dibs – Human Energy

Multicolor, kaleidoscopic trippertronics from Perth, Australia on a more melody-oriented and less intense side of the man behind the Salamander project. Like a more psychedelicized version of Peaking Lights without the vocals. But the dubbiness and the summerlike atmosphere is still there, together with some head-bobbing beats. Highly recommended for the upcoming summer (well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, sorry Australia, you already had your turn)! You can also buy the cassette if you enjoy the digital stuff.


Sunn O))) on Bandcamp!

This might be (a few days) old news for some, but might be a great message for the others. Stephen O’Malley, the 1/2 of the legendary drone doom outfit Sunn O))) has made the band’s entire discography available via Bandcamp. Every demo, studio album, live album, collaboration and remix they have ever released is now available in digital format for just 8 dollars. Take the chance and buy their music!

Sunn O))) Bandcamp

Kevin Greenspon – Paradise A.D.


This exhaustive (65 minutes!) compilation of music from 5 cassettes shows the ideas and the creative processes of the West Coast’s ambient explorer Kevin Greenspon, who effortlessly slaloms between somewhat sandpaper-like synthesizer based textures and gentle, subtle guitar-driven vistas in the likeness of the great ambient masters of the decades past. “Paradise A.D.” is a gallery of moods crafted for every occasion. Recommended! If you like this, buy the CD from the artist himself.


We Are the Wooden Houses – Murrain Pica Mast

A 30 minute long jam broken into two 15-minute pieces from the Cumbrian wilderness (that’s in the north of the United Kingdom, for the less geo-savvy readers) based label Treehouse Orchestra Recordings. The first track is a sitar-tinged, Easterny psychedelic folk jam which picks up the pace with some cleverly sampled and looped live drums for a full-on psychedelic freak out (well, maybe not that amplified, but still very trippy!). The second track is steeped in angelic, krautrock-influenced guitar ambience that spreads into infinity – think Manuel Gottsching and his modern-day equivalent Mark McGuire and you’re pretty much spot-on. You can also buy the cassette if you like – it’s got some beautiful packaging!


Download via Mediafire


This is what happens when you plagiarize the music of one of my best friends and send it to me (and several other peers) as a demo.

I have never released a demo submission ever, and when it is just copying-and-pasting the work of someone I have released, it is definitely not happening.

Reblogging this, because I had a part in this (posting the Sun D album here) and now I feel really, really bad. Because I didn’t think someone would have the balls to actually send me some plagiarized music. I guess this moment comes sooner or later in the work of any music blogger/label head: some dishonest copycat or even a fraud. 

I’ve taken the Sun D post down and I promise to be more insightful and careful in the future.



Former Selves – Calico Sunset

Another fine piece of impressionistic, sleepytime ambient music with a soft, smoothened edge, like the setting summer sun. Little waves on the lake. The gradient of the evening sky. Reeds swaying slowly in the breeze. Everything cools down. One deep breath after another. Nothing stands in the way. The air is clear. Take a dive.