Misled Navigator – VI


The tag list on the Bandcamp page of the simply named “VI” album by Brooklyn’s Evan DeJesus (who makes music under the moniker Misled Navigator) doesn’t give any clues about any particular style or genre that can be expected, instead putting everything under the deceptive cloak of “experimental”. But don’t worry, there are no harsh drones or electoacoustic PhD thesis in there. In fact, “VI” is supremely laid back and relaxing, at times recalling the later albums of Blues Control (especially “Valley Tangents”) or the later, more synth-oriented wave or krautrock on the edge of 70’s and 80’s when they started mingling with synth pop. And if you pardon the minor occasional compositional slips (like the sloppy drums here and there or hitting a note slightly too late), you get an auteur compilation of urban scenes steeped in a psychedelic sauce.



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