Mortal Mountain Band – Mortal Mountain Band


Listening to Mortal Mountain Band is like going to some high mountains: you never know how the weather will surprise you. Same with MMB: you never know what to expect musically, what moods might be hiding just around the corner. It wears the clothes of a lo-fi psych folk record (down to the artwork and the group’s name), but it’s not afraid into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of sounds and ideas. Sometimes it hits the moments of dark ambience, other times it’s just the good ol’ bucolic and carefree acoustic guitar noodling – while those moments prevail (often equipped with vocals to a greatly ballad-like effect), there is often a hint of something more primeval and non-human lingering under the folky exterior with its lo-fi field recordings having something of a legacy of Stunned Records. A loose collection of guitar beauties with a trippier twist between the smart melodies.


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