Sundrugs – Hidden Scenes

Now here’s an unexpected Polish assault. Out of a clear blue! This dark ambient bliss comes from the Warsaw based sound sculptor Patryk Kawalarz, who has managed to elude me until this Friday night, when I’m finally done with the schoolyear for now (I’m so tired!). This is exactly what it shows on the cover: a psychedelic, echoing journey filled with cigarette smoke and high contrast areas. Let the ethereal miasma fill the early summer nights for you. Recommended!

End-of-the-year hectic

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, dear Readers. The schoolyear is finishing now in Poland and this is the very last week. It is an ultimate clusterfuck (only today I’ve spent 12,5 hours at school), but once holidays start (next monday!!!), new reviews will begin to appear.

To everyone who sent some beautiful packages to me: Don’t worry guys/gals, I haven’t forgotten about you! In just a week I will have more free time than I can imagine. Until the 1st of September, though. I have some interesting ideas for articles (apart from reviews) coming.

Stay tuned! 🙂

Lou Breed – Stoned Out Two: Morning of the Way to Love


One look at the cover and you know for sure that summer has arrived. Born and raised under the scorching sun of Los Angeles, “Stoned Out Two” collects the hazy garage rock ballads and psychedelic pop vignettes into a perfect, vintage-tinged blend that melts rock and electronic music into a poolside nirvana. Catchy riffs meet lost-and-found samples and loops, complimented with the not entirely real vocals and voila, there you go, a great listening for the upcoming heatwave. Might take a few listens to get into it, but once it clicks, it won’t leave your  head. Recommended.

If you’re enjoying this, buy the tape from Icecapades.

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Stara Rzeka – Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem

Being Polish, I can’t miss any chance to promote great music from Poland on my blog. Stara Rzeka (“Old River” in Polish) is a solo project from Kuba Ziołek who also takes in part in many established bands, like the cathartic noise rock assault unit Ed Wood or psychedelic ambient group Innercity Ensemble. On “Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem” (translated literally as “Shadow of a cloud over a hidden field”) he combines bucolic fingerpicked guitar folk, progressive electronic beats and dreamy, druggy drones (even some excursions into black metal!!) to create an eclectic sound that avoids any categorizations but keeps you drawn. What is more interesting is the fact that the album was released both on CD (via Instant Classic label) and on cassette (via Few Quiet People) and both formats contain different music. Stream both versions of the album below and buy it if you enjoy the sound! Recommended for fans of Grouper, Alexander Tucker, Natural Snow Buildings or the most far-out, experimental moments of Mount Eerie.

The Glimmer Blinkken – Bernard Ruix Wedding Album


This heavy, hard hitting piece of psychedelic nuggetry is best described as “stonerdelic” in the most classic, lo-fi sense of the word. This free rock sextet from Dubuque, Iowa featuring the folk weirdo Bobb Bucko Jr among the members takes a joyous, circus-like and a rather tongue-in-cheek ride through the history of psychedelic rock, setting shorter, more anthemic pieces against Sunburned Hand of the Man style weirdness and krautrock jams. Delicious homegrown lysergic bliss from the American midwest. Available on cassette from Ruix Records.

Hookworms – Hookworms

Now that the Leed’s psychonauts glowing debut “Pearl Mystic” is out it’s high (heh) time to get acquainted with their debut self-titled EP, released back in ‘11 on cassette by Sun Ark Records, now it’s available from Faux Discx on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, so you can listen to the fuzzy echoing ride through infectious riffs in the full audiophiliac glory. These are the kinds of worms you’d like to get. Highly recommended!

James Ferraro – Live at Primavera Sound 2012

Ye Holy Gods! Among all the fine outer limits music outfits that perform at Primavera Sound every year, James Ferraro’s set must’ve been one of the most hypnotic and dazzling. A strange combination of heavenly drones, New New New Age synthesizer noodling and a contantly looping somewhat IDM-ish mutant beat that has no end. Even though Ferraro was well into the “Far Side Virtual” era at this stage (2012), he managed to perfectly blend his earlier crystal healer ambient with the newer vaporwave phase of his oeuvre. 25 minutes of trippertronic bliss. Highly recommended!!