Al Lover – Distorted Reverberations: Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock ‘n Roll


Let’s say that, being a reader of Weed Temple, you love psychedelic and garage rock – the fuzzy, lo-fi, scuzzy kind that burns holes in your skull and leaves you wanting more. And let’s say that you also like hip-hop. The instrumental, stoned beats that make you want to get into your car and do some astro travellin’ through your neighborhood.

Now, let’s say there’s a San Francisco producer Al Lover who brilliantly describes as “equal parts 13th Floor Elevators and DJ Shadow”, and you’re pretty much ready what to expect. A fucking psychedelic hydrogen bomb applied directly to your brain, that’s what. Boombastic beats constructed from some of the hottest, fuzziest riffs and guitar solos taken from songs from various rock bands around the US, including Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. Come on and visit the man’s website. Browse his entire Bandcamp catalog and strictly haze for days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Distorted Reverberations: Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock ‘n Roll (download)

Inner Outlaws – Inner Outlaws


15 minutes of bliss and bathing in the ocean of melodic, proggy goodness – that’s what the self-titled debut EP by the NYC dreamgazers Inner Outlaws is. Two tracks change their shapes and colors like seen through a kaleidoscope, but without losing any of the momentum and songwriting brilliance. If the previous post was the prophecy of the inevitable, then may this post be a reminder of good times past and also a reminder that summer’s not totally over yet and we’ve still got some warm (if not hot) days ahead! Highly recommended.

Hanetration – Timelapse EP

It may still be warm and it the weather may still be blue and clear and the days are still rather long but there’s a cold grip of winter looming behind the corner. And Timelapse EP by the London, UK’s Hanetration is here to remind us of that. Windy, desolate drone anthems played over skeletal, caveman tribal rhythms. Plodding, post-apocalyptic and psychedelic at the same time. Hypnotizing in its bare-bones dark ambient/industrial simplicity.

Trupa Trupa – LP


A bite of organ-driven garage rock goodness from Gdańsk, Poland based group Trupa Trupa who deliver some catchy, yet hi-energy songs. LP is their debut studio album from 2011 (following an 2010 EP, available for free download), where they show penchant for all-killer no-filler rock’n’roll anthems with a bit lo-fi infatuation. Available for “name your price” option.

If you enjoy LP, make sure to check out their fresh new album mysteriously entitled ++, on which they further refine their sound to make it more atmospheric and hi-fi.

Los Codos – Humedal


Classy & glossy Tortoise worship from the Rosario, Argentina based band Los Codos. Shimmering organs flow through jazzy, smooth guitar and drum structures , this offers a glowing, krautrockized take on dreamy post-rock structures that permeates the sound of the Spanish-language using trip crew. There’s a lot of veiled song structures, like choirs and bridges, but it doesn’t make the album lose its lulling weight. Modernist dream in the South American wilderness.

Helvetia – Nothing in Rambling


Sometimes you can just start browsing a certain tag on Bandcamp and it becomes a well without a bottom – pages go on and on, revealing dozens of bands and albums you had no idea existed – and then they blow your mind whole. It also makes you realize just how much new music goes under the radar each year. Nothing in Rambling by Portland rockers Helvetia may be on the more indie rock side of things, but there are is still some psychedelic confusion and trippy distortion sneaked within the songs. Sometimes it turns into a full-blown romance with shoegaze and krautrock and its mathematical precision, unveiling the hidden depth within – just like the album cover, revealing the ordinary parking lot to be a steep cliff perched over a vast space. Also, you can buy this album on CD, red vinyl and black vinyl!

Ariel Kalma – Osmose

Now here’s an album that should be mandatory listening to all the nature recordings/progressive electronic/New Age aficionados: Remastered 2009 edition of a classic 1978 ambient journey by French composer and multi-instrumentalist Ariel Kalma. Using recordings from Borneo collected by Richard Tinti, Kalma crafted cosmic suites that blend seamlessly and perfectly with the natural sounds in the background. Carefully nuanced, transcendental and blisfully psychedelic, Osmose flows forward like a gentle, yet unstoppable cosmic force, being some of the best kosmische musik this side of Popol Vuh. Essential.