Comanche – Silicon Basilica

It’s kinda funny and sad at the same time (more sad than funny, actually) that people keep masturbating to “Random Access Memories”, while albums like “Silicon Basilica” by Minneapolis, Minnesota duo Comanche exist. Tracks like “Everyman’s Balance” could be easily placed on “RAM” and people would have their heads cut off to believe it’s Daft Punk. Except Comanche’s album sounds way fresher and ripe with more ideas, borrowing from many more genres, while skillfully escaping their limitations and trappings.

Sometimes it’s smooth, easy-going sample-filled hip-hop, then it can suddenly become soothing nu-disco tune or a sunkissed house tune. It’s kaleidoscopic and catchy as hell, and it will probably go under the radar of most music portals constantly on the lookout of the Best New Hype. Well, their loss. “Silcon Basilica” flies effortlessly with a killer funky vibe to it, escaping narrow categorizations and pigeonholing, while still retaining the summer party vibe with its colorful collage trippertronics. Highly recommended.


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