The Earth is a Man – The Earth is a Man


Taking the ephemeral, atmospheric quality of post-rock without falling into lengthy crescendo-filled onanism and the technical prowess of math rock without trappings itself in needlessly convoluted and irregular time signatures and guitar noodlings, Chicago based band The Earth is a Man strives to make songs and melodies easily remembered and catchy while keeping some of the more experimental tendencies exposed. Interesting guitar interplay and not-so-usual rhythms are a staple here, but it never gets tiring – quite the opposite; TEIAM puts melodic bliss first – they seem like a more ecstatic and a slightly (only slightly!) punkier version of Tortoise, minus their jazz inclinings. Described by at least one person (according to their Bandcamp bio) as “soft-math”, The Earth is a Man might be a great starting point for anyone trying to begin their adventure with math rock and to whom bands like Hella or Don Caballero might seem too “mathy” by comparison. Recommended!


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