MONOL!TH – Pyramid


When I first read that the Salt Lake City based artist MONOL!TH makes “minmatronic” music (the portmanteau of “minimal” and “electronic”) and saw the cover, I was expecting either something in the vein of cold minimal wave of German experimental legends Monoton or austere sine-wave worship of Carl Michael von Hausswolff or Eleh. However, the sound of MONOL!TH is neither of the two and it rather aims for the somewhat progressive electronic sound meeting bedroom pop – like Panabrite making some slightly catchier tunes in the small hours in his home studio. Their delicate, melodic endeavors are intended to create maximum impact with minimal impact with some swaying ambience and skeletal rhythms – and they succeed. It might be wise to keep an eye (or rather, an ear) on MONOL!TH.


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