Easterndaze: Daniel Kordík’s Syria



Field recordings have been used and abused in music and sonic art forever, but it’s the method of processing and juxtaposition, which causes the effect. Syria is by default a rewarding sonic source for any zealous field recorder, buzzing with sounds and boasting with an enviable musical…

Easterndaze: Daniel Kordík’s Syria

E/N/T – Central Complex

In this hazy and sometimes uneasy album by Wellington, New Zealand’s E/N/T (acronym standing for Ear/Nose/Throat), Nathan Taare mixes lonely, deep drones a’la Lee Noble with dense, heavily psychedelic soundscapes and recordings in style of Ensemble Economique. The sound is blurred and uncertain, you’re never sure if you’re hearing the actual music or whether it’s just some ghostly aftersound – Central Complex is an equivalent of contracting a tropical fever and having auditory hallucinations while trying to find a way from the relentless jungle. Recorded and edited in some strange places (in the liner notes it says parts were recorded in a Toyota Corolla!), E/N/T creeps into the heart of darkness. It’s a slow burner, but it’s a grower. Recommended!


Non​-​Volatile Memory – Non​-​Volatile Memory

Fresh Austin/Denver based Obsolete Future label aims to be the American counterpart of Opal Tapes, offering their own brand of bare-bones, mutant techno with a lo-fi, analog edge to boot. Their very first release is a cassette by the acid unit Non-Volatile Memory. Skeletal, cold electronic are bathed in delay and reverbed and chased around by maniacal IDM and techno beats. Sounds from the severe machine-induced psychosis.


[2013] Jakub Lemiszewski – DGNF EP



Materiał powstał w trzy wrześniowe dni. Trochę post-punk, trochę witch-house. Piosenki bez słów o snach i rzeczach chowanych z tyłu głowy.


Jakub Lemiszewski


  1. Drugs
  2. Goth
  3. Night
  4. Fear

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Ecstatic Cosmic Union – XCU


One of the most interesting cassettes from the Eiderdown Records roster from the husband and wife duo Ecstatic Cosmic Union has not been available digitally in any form until just recently, when it was put in its entirety on the label’s Bandcamp page. The lucky non-digital types who managed to listen to the tape knew they were dealing with some truly swingin’ kosmische musik worship from minute one, with soothing synthesizer notes and drum patterns making a perfect cosmic union with the psychedelic guitar licks that just cut through any shortcuts and get straight to the point with their love of Cluster’s classic records and the general rebirth of the international krautrock scene. Highly recommended!


Various Artists – Music Interiors

Originally posted on Root BlogMusic Interiors is a compilation/mix of Japanese New Age/ambient music. Can’t get any better than this purely vaporwave/Baudrillard description from the SoundCloud page:

“Mix of Japanese new-age/ambient/minimalist music, mostly emanating from the corporate infrastructure of the 1980s asset bubble. FM synthesis, prefab “lifestyle” soundscapes and the illusion of nature in a hyper-urban environment.”

What else can I say, apart from what has been written above? Prepare yourself for a serious zone-out – whether you’re preparing to work on something, read a book, or simply smoke a big fat joint – Music Interiors is a great soundtrack for each and all of those occasions. One hour of furniture music bliss. Highly recommended!

Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Live


Ever since Spencer Clark and James Ferraro parted their ways as The Skaters duo in 2008, they went in completely different directions. While Ferraro explores the world of high-tech gadget fetishism and corporate identity, Clark stayed a bit closer to the original Skaters sound dabbling in conspiracy theories, UFO encounters and alien technologies with a lo-fi edge. This 33-minute live set, released by Social Harmony highlights the characteristics of Spencer’s most known moniker, Monopoly Child Star Searchers – strange baroque-like, freestyle synth improvisations playing endlessly above looping, otherworldly critter/insect-like sounds and somewhat dystopian, neverending drones. The whole set kinda plays like the Voyager Golden Record finally retrieved by the extraterrestrials and played by them on their home planet. Also, it’s available for free download in its entirety.