The Oscillation – From Tomorrow

If you’ve been browsing Weed Temple lately and thought to yourself, “Gah, I’m so tired with all this weird experimental bullshit, throw some good ol’ psych rock already!”, then maybe it’s high (wink wink) time to listen to the newest album by the UK drug rockers The Oscillation. On From Tomorrow they give the listener everything one should expect from a nice, trippy record: deep, groovy basslines that carve their way into one’s brain, scorched and snarly guitar licks treated with more effects than you can count and old-school organ workouts. If you’re looking for more musical reference, it’s best to quote the band’s own Bandcamp page: “it is perhaps fitting to reference the musical otherness of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the absurdist punk attitude of The Stranglers (‘The Raven’ and ‘Men In Black’ eras), the garage dementia of Helios Creed with the odd snarl of ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’”. Don’t know how about you, but I was sold at Syd Barrett. Get ready for some serious interstellar overdrive with this. Highly recommended!


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