Coming from the fertile experimental ground of Wellington, New Zealand, virtually nothing is known about the mysterious entity hiding under the acronym E.T.R.C . Shrouded in mystery, with a blatantly scientific twist (just take a look at their album titles such as Earth Mechanics, Bio-Activity Readings or Frequency Detection of Solid Particles), a short yet prolific existence and a rigorous, pre-fixed album artwork routine in the vein of Supersilent, E.T.R.C offer a wild, warped take on dusty plunderphonics, making side-long collages for non-existant cassettes describing customs and rituals that never took place in places that are not on the map. E.T.R.C craft their own sound world and their own ideology from the scattered map of sounds which seemingly lead to nowhere but after closer inspection form a pretty tight pattern. For fans of psychedelic deconstruction of traditional folk music in the vein of Rotifer Cassettes or Housecraft.

E.T.R.C on Bandcamp


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