Transparent Body – Cosmic Background Chants

I’ve been meaning to mention the work of the ambient/drone label Textural Records for quite a while, and somehow I’ve always missed the opportunity to do so.  Now I’m making up for this mistake with a non-human sounding (that’s the staple of albums by Textural Recs – if you’re into some sprawling ambience, check out their entire catalog!), eerie release by Transparent Body. The name like this implies invisibility – just like the ambient music is somewhat “invisible” by default – relying on textures and atmospheres instead of melody and rhythm, it always lingers in the background, making barely audible sounds, seeping into the subconscious. Just like somebody with a transparent body might be present in a room with nobody noticing, the music of Transparent Body often flows without much notice from the uninvolved listener. But when transparent body makes a move, and when there’s a shift of music, one notices the presence and a sense of terror kicks in.

Powerful through minimal means.


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