Journey to Ixtlan – Journey to Ixtlan


It’s always great to see labels putting up their back catalog online to listen and stream (and download for a low price). Especially when it’s such a goldmine of psychedelic gems as the super-eclectic Aurora Borealis known for releasing stuff ranging from psychedelic folk to krautrock to black metal. The CD by Journey to Ixtlan presents the dronier, doomier side of psychedelic rock, headed towards sun-scorched arroyos and freezing nights under the clear sky. One of Clay Ruby’s (Burial Hex) many projects, this channels the massive ritual-like atmospherics of Barn Owl with a slightly more misanthropic, ritualistic feel (watch out for nearly black metallish vocals in some of the tracks!). Slow, heavy and hallucination-inducing – like being out of water in the middle of Nevada. Recommended!


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