Alameda 3 – Późne Królestwo


Kuba Ziołek is quickly becoming one of my favorite Polish musicians – I think he should change his name to Midas Ziołek, because everything he touches turns into psychedelic gold. He’s got an unique vision of sound that was practically absent until lately in most “underground” Polish music. With every project he’s taking part in – Hokei, Stara Rzeka, Innercity Ensemble, Ti’en Lai, Ed Wood – every sound is marked with musical erudition and esoteric energy – the sound is described as “magical brutalism”, a term that fits perfectly despite its paradoxical inclinations. As Alameda 3, Ziołek teams up with Tomek Popowski on drums and Mikołaj Zieliński on bass to create an all-enveloping wall of trippy post-post-rock sound with a fragmented, atonal noise/math-rock edge. What else might a tireless explorer of experimental guitar sounds need? Pretty fucking essential. Highly recommended, along with other projects by Kuba, which I’ve given earlier in this post.

EDIT: Apparently, We Are From Poland! used the same Midas reference when writing about Alameda 3, too. What a coincidence! Great minds think alike. 🙂


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