Hering und seine sieben Sachen – On Kwas

When I got a batch of tapes from Cosmic Winnetou a few months ago, the tape named On Kwas by Daniel Voigt’s Hering und seine sieben Sachen project immediately attracted my attention. Not only because of the strange cover, eliciting the equal amounts of “whoa!” and “WTF?!” from me, but also because of the title – since the word “kwas” means “acid” in Polish, I was eager to hear some healthily lysergic sounds. And I wasn’t disappointed! Even though the description states that the only drug involved was alcohol, Voigt gets the listener lost in the maze of decaying vaporwave, warped progressive electronics and drug addled ambience. He likens his music to a kitten – very cuddly and soft, but able to show some claws. What might sound like a bliss quickly brings confusion, even danger. Make sure you take a GPS for this one, because once you’re in, it won’t be easy to find a way out!


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