Perfume Advert – Tulpa

I sure loooooove analyzing album covers and comparing them with the music that can be found inside. The artwork of Tulpa by the Middlesborough, UK duo Perfume Advert (Aaron Turner + Tom Brown), released by the very promising 1080p label, features a thrashed living room, with knocked over chairs and shattered glass all over the place. It’s almost like a spontaneous house party gone horribly wrong, with accidental drunk guests entering rage mode and destroying everything in sight (I’ve been to house parties like that, furniture went flying, armchairs were burned, I don’t remember much). Then the host wakes up in the morning with a huge hangover and a dozen random people sleeping in random locations around the house and reminds himself that their parents are coming back in the afternoon and is feverishly thinking “shit, shit, shit, what do do now!??!?!”. The sound of Tulpa is like a house/techno music soundtrack to such a party, where the catchy, pumping tunes are consumed by washes of white noise, distortion and industrial grime. It’s all noisy and rough behind the premises of four-to-the-floor beats, like the guests to the party, who seem like nice guys in the beginning but are beginning to get nasty after the 6th beer. Recommended!


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