Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura – Interpenetrating Dimensional Express

Let’s kick off the year 2014 in style: The newest album by the Manchester based free-psych monsters Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura is the sonic equivalent of the entire world’s stash of fireworks going off all at once at the same time: it’s a seemingly endless series of colorful explosions, a wild ride through even wilder colors and textures, all sprawling over more than 80(!!!) minutes of some of the most off-the-hook acid rock jams played on four(!) guitars, two basses, one set of drums and some additional vocals which try to fight against the titanic storm of endlessly soloing string orgasms, shredding all the way to Nirvana. If “psychedelic” means “mind manifesting”, then these guys’ minds must be seen from the orbit. This is fucking Las Vegas of psychedelic rock. LISTEN TO IT NOW, GET YOUR MIND BLOWN FOR A GOOD START OF THE YEAR!


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