Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schapes

First of all, you might see the artwork for this cassette and think to yourself “it looks like wood!”. Well, because it is wood. This cassette comes in a wooden case. Not a plastic case, not a piece of cloth, not a plastic bag, but a goddamn wooden case. The Portugal based label A Giant Fern (who have also released an LP by German Army I’ve written about several days ago) deserve a lot of credit and recognition for the amount of work and effort they put into packaging of their releases. Because this wooden case containing a cassette of beautifully stretched ambient/drone sounds from the French artist Ichtyor Tides really stands out among all the other tapes you might have. The sturdy, stunning package contains an equally stunning cassette of slightly stuttering, nevertheless deeply soothing synthesized nirvana. This stuff is not only cinematic and psychedelic, but also pretty huge: the opening track alone is over 20 minutes long, flowing slowly like lava and assimilating everything it meets, including the listener. Soft white noise washes all over one’s brain and even when it feels overhwelming, one needs to realize it’s just a tiny portion of what this monster of a tape has to offer.



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