Bzzzuwfarfewww – MorningHaze

Somehow I’m not very surprised that some of the most cosmic-faring, third eye opening music from the unwieldy named synth surfer Bzzzuwfarfewww (damn! is that an onomatopeia or something?) comes from Amsterdam. Because it seems that you really have to be one of the cloud people (wink wink, nudge nuge) to create this kind of pyramid drone music. MorningHaze is the kind of album that either fathoms hell or soars angelic, and it’s certaily psychedelic. With influences ranging from Klaus Schulze and Steve Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Music to Coil’s Time Machines and even Sunn O))), this is one hell of a trip through the music world. This time your spaceship of choice is the synthesizer. Enjoy the ride.


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