Bastian Void – Phonics

Joseph Bastardo’s Bastian Void has been constantly one of my favorite time-travelling music of choice for the last few years. Each and single one of his releases keeps at the highest level, and he seems to gradually one-up himself (even if slightly) with each successive release. Following the stellar Fluorescent Bells (released on Field Hymns, available for free download now, check it out!!), his newest release (well, it’s only two months old, so it can still count as “new”) is the Chemical Tapes released vista Phonics. Through dusted analog electronics he unveils the half-forgotten (or subconscious) memories of childhood, old computers and introduction to the world of global communications with a disarming, New Agey ease. The following blurb from the label’s Bandcamp might easily replace all my introductions, it’s just so perfect:

“Warm daylight, myself at age 8, sitting in computer class. Circuits and pine trees. Views out various bedroom windows. The research laboratory down the street. Atari in the basement. Wood paneling. Office buildings. Power generators sitting in the forest. Light shapes cast on walls. Science class. Old computer games. Leaves and educational video tapes.”

Say what you want, but he got me at “wood panelling”. Can’t forget wood panelling. Because this shit’s probably never coming back. And it was awesome.


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