Choongum – Pure Spirit

The super-eclectic and confident stuff by the Bay Area based screen-gazer Choongum can be easily considered post-vaporwave in the sence of still using rather sterile, corporate muzak, but in a way more club-friendly way, now, investing instead of new age and ambient music structures into the more beat-based genres of popular music, like IDM, hip-hop or club music. In this aspect Choongum sounds a bit like Fatima Al Qaidri, although more laid back and less radical, except with some more bouncing moments. describes him as “glo hop”, which sounds like a more ghettoized version of “glo-fi”, popular around 4-5 years ago (that’s some serious Internet archeology, yo). That description is very apt, by the way. Check him out, get spaced out a little in your Internet-powered perfect office environment. Smoke da blunt while the boss isn’t lookig. Go on. I dare you.


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