Weed Temple is looking for a few good men (or women).


A few days ago I came across of an idea of both making Weed Temple a little more active (hopefully) and being able to provide and handle more interesting music. Since I’m a rather busy man, I finally decided to make some use of the Tumblr’s “Members” feature and “hire” a few readers that might be interested to contribute some interesting psychedelic stuff.

If you’re interested in writing for Weed Temple (album reviews, interesting downloads or album streams, label information, interviews, ever longer stuff like articles or essays, everything is fine), please send an e-mail to cosmicinferno@gmail.com with the prefix Weed Temple Contributor in the message title. No experience with music blogs or websites is necessary, though it would be very welcome (make sure to add a piece of writing, it can be a short review or a news item, something music-related, if you can, seeing your writing style and skill beforehand will be very helpful for the hiring process).

A few basic requirements for writing for Weed Temple:
– You don’t have to write something for Weed Temple every day, it can be once a week or once a month. Try not to write once in every six months, that’s a little… lazy. If you have something interesting, you can add it, there’s not much pressure. But once you’re on the team, prepare to have at least something to write about every few weeks.
– If you’re already familiar with Weed Temple, you know what kind of stuff I write about: mostly psychedelic music in all shapes in colors. It can be psychedelic rock, krautrock, drone, ambient, free improvisation, folk, techno, dub… As long as it’s got some signifiers of psychedelic or experimental music, it’s all cool. Just don’t write about the goddamn Lumineers, please.
– Weed Temple prefers posting full album downloads or streams (on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other websites, albums available as .mp3 or rar/zip files are fine too, as long as they’re legal). You can post a single track or song if you want to, as long as it’s truly mindblowing and there mind be a chance of listening to a full album later, but at this point, the full album is the default way to go.
– Try to keep your post’s style similar to that already posted on Weed Temple. That is – the album cover (or band’s photo, if you’re planning to write about a certain artist’s or band’s discography), then the description (can be longer than what I usually post, of course – the longer, the better actually, I’d love to see people people who put some heart into describing some music, even though there are those who can write abouyt music shortly and beautifully at the same time – like Piero Scaruffi), and in the end the Soundcloud/Bandcamp code embedded on the page.

There. Only three requirements, so I think it’s not that hard to write for Weed Temple. Just have the modicum of tenacity to write here and you’ll be fiiiine.

Oh, and if everything goes well and there will be a few contributors who stick around and provide quality content, I’ll probably create a new e-mail for Weed Temple for labels and musicians, available for all the Weed Temple team, so they can check the mail and write about whatever catches their attention.


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