Seaworthy – Sleep Paths

Brussels, Belgium CD label Slaapwel Records is a small enterprise which focuses primarily on, simply (and in their own words), “music to fall asleep to”. To expand on these simple words, the musical output of Slaapwel consists mainly of quiet ambient music, delicate guitar explorations or similarly dream-like sounds floating somewhere between waking life and sleep. The boat and the name might suggest an aquatic atmosphere, and it’s rather correct. Cameron Webb, alias Seaworthy, the Australian master of atmosphere crafts the ultra-delicate, fragile soundscapes of shimmering, echoing guitar notes floating in the sea of the unconscious. Quite in the mood of Fabio Orsi or Aidan Baker, this CD is the way to go when it comes for a great background to drifting off. In fact, I can hardly wait to finish writing this piece as I’m listening to this 40-minute soundscape right now. It’s so peaceful, my eyes are getting heavy… Good night!


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