The art of Bartosz Zaskórski

Here’s a kind of a promotional post, and a kind of an advertisement for a very promising Polish artist, Bartosz Zaskórski, offering some really whacked out, psychedelic (on the darker side of psych, let me prepare you) artwork. I’m talking advertisement because posting the works of Bartosz might be a good chance for labels to spot his work and commission some work. The man has already worked for Polish experimental label Nasiono Records, the Polish harsh noise scene, spastic Australian glitchcore act Deafault and Thaw.

Zaskórski takes his inspiration from the works of various writers and artists operating on the fringe of normalcy and insanity, especially William S. Burroughs (whose portrait you can see in the beginning of this post). In his drawings, the macabre is mixed with almost cartoonish distortons of limbs, heads or other organs or appendages, he likes to experiment with anatomy, creating artificial orifices, organs and orther working semi-organisms that seem to inhabit some dark, unexplored realm of the creator’s mind. This biological madness, balancing on the edge of sexual fetishism of the weirdest kind and the creeping horror of the imagined bodies creates a sense of dread and intensity in the watcher. Explore more works by Bartosz on his blog:


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