AKT¡! – Soundtrack Pour Une Révolution De Pierre Clémenti

AKT¡! is a super-sly droning krautrock collection of ideas from the Paris based traveller hiding under the nom-de-plume Brifo. Soundtrack Pour Une Révolution De Pierre Clémenti is his newest work, welcoming early spring of 2014 with organ-driven autobahn-friendly Faust worship and gleeful abandon of Terry Riley electronics with some slow, slinky ambience included to create a full visionary film soundtrack inside your head. For all the fans of the more beat driven Teutonic trippertronics, with a twist for some Düsseldorf synth boogie just drilling through your bones. Soundtrack… is a burner for sure, but once it burns all the way through, you end up being lifted to a higher level. A spiritual slam-dunk. Recommended!



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