Hobo Cubes – Apex Ideals

If you’re familiar with the work of Montreal based synthesist Francesco De Gallo and his Hobo Cubes albums, you probably remember him for his endess summer style beatific mind beaches of Timeless/Mindless, where warm drones washed all over the place like fragile ocean spray. Well, with this year’s Apex Ideals (released on Debacle Records) it would be wise to change your flip flops and swimming trunks into a lab coat. Or even a radiation suit. On the newest release, De Gallo eschews slowly unfolding pastoral psychedelia for a cold, sterile algorithms that jut out brutally from the metallic, ominous ambience bubbling underneath. There are certain echoes of Confield era Autechre shining through the formaldehyde glitchyness reminiscent of John Wiese‘s least spastic moments. Innocence is over. Go back to work. Your laboratory is waiting.



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