Wifi Calisthenics – Wave Paint

The bouncy, weirdo pop of Wifi CalisthenicsWave Paint might be an indication of what James Ferraro could possibly sound like if he dropped the anti-social, basement dwelling weirdo bullshit and actually approach the music creation from the joyous, outspoken side. While the all-caps tagging of the album might seem too much in-your-face to be enjoyed, the album still works with joyous distorted pop of tracks like “Body in the Night” or the digitally soiled soul of “Lost Mazes”. Wave Paint cleverly conceals catchy pop melodies under layers of crunchy distortion and digital clipping to achieve the status of the perfect super-bedroom pop album nobody ever heard about. Expect a 180 gram vinyl reisue in some 30 years or so. For now, let’s just enjoy the free download and try to make heads and tails out of this somewhat chopped digital mess, which hides a lot of promise under a lot of murk and glitch.



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