Forklong Daruplat – Forklong Daruplat

I can hear it clearly. Every once in a while, it is coming back and calling me .The American Primitivism. Ever since I stumbled across some Robbie Basho stuff back in ‘08 I’ve been aware that this orient-tinged lengthy fingerpicked suites were the prelude to psychedelia, to all rock, post-rock,anti-rock, electronics, post-music, everything that sounded trippy and teleported you to another world. It all began with the American Primitive. And now, a decade after freak folk, a new wave of fingerpicking explorers is emerging. To name a few: David Bachman, Sean Proper (both of whom received glowing reviews from Weed Temple), and the most recent discovery, the raga-tastic soul traveler Forklong Daruplat from Belgium. Released on the always quality Hare Akedod, it is a raw document of the experience of nature and true sorrow. Sometimes light and glowing, sometimes somewhat detuned and dark-toned, these are stories told through intricate string plucking and sometimes arpeggiating clusters of notes. The man pushing the acoustic guitar to the limits, but sometimes also making good use of pauses and silence. Consider this album to be your soundtrack during your nearest bike trip to the forest. Highly recommended!


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