DJ Michel Gentil – Le Frisson Des Occultistes

Wonderfully lost in time and vintage colored 90 minute Technicolor dream Le Frisson Des Occultistes (somehow, everything sounds better in French) cassette from the Ghent based DJ Michel Gentil delves deep into the abandon of the occult, reviving the taboo atmosphere of 60’s and 70’s (s)exploitation movies with a synthedelic edge pushing forth the sweaty psychedelic speed funk between Satanic invokations and dusted folk ballads. Sex and Devil worship mix here into a flowery tapestry which lures innocent girls into wild orgies with stroboscopic lights and bad acid trips, which might make one end either in the ninth circle of hell or the psychiatric ward. This is a powerful potion here, folks. Some serious witchcraft awaits. Don’t take this lightly, keep your third eye peeled and your ears open. Highly recommended.


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