The new album from Norwegian warmongers Noxagt is called Brutage is was released in March 2014 via Norwegian label Drid Machine. The newest release is promoted by the lenghtily-titled single, “Someone calls you every night but says nothing. You can’t sleep.” tells a story through the title itself in a somewhat post-rock tradition, but what we get here instead of post-rock dynamics is truly noise rock dynamic, keeping in touch with the most bone-crushing moments of White Suns (especially “Footprints Filled”) – a supermassive, deadly and utterly destructive death metal jam stuck in formaldehyde, sustained in incredible tension between tight rhythmical walls, and nothing is left there but move upward with levels of distortion and brutal bass interplay to create a sort of doom math, leaving no prisoners while relying ruthlessly loyal to the ever-ubiquitous rhythm of the atomic drums.


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