Tuluum Shimmering – The Sky Tree

Damn, I knew for a while that Inner Islands label was on the rise, but the newest cassette from the master of all rainforest drone, Tuluum Shimmering, is a total monster – 120 minutes (!!!) of inner temple folk and psych meanderings that any contact with the outside world may not be welcome now. This is no light ride – quite the opposite; it’s a heavy, smokey meditation that drills deep into the unconscious and works well on a threshold between the waking world and the world of dreams. This is music conjured by a bunch of shamans under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms ingested in some pre-religious ritual, when animism reigned and every object, tree, animal, and person had a spirit. So the world was a tight patchwork of souls and spirits, all vibrating with life energy – imagine how intense the world must’ve been for a shaman – something like how Neo saw the world in the Matrix series!

The Sky Tree is a monumental cassette hidden within a more-than-modest cardboard packaging hiding its potential. Two sides, each 60 minutes long (who makes cassettes like these anymore!?), sprawling between several different styles – from primeval moss drone to lo-fi piano minimalism in the vein of Super Minerals’ Clusters tape, then starting side B with meditative morning ragas in Hindustani tradition with drawn out sitar drones and flute music-painting. The slow, ambiental jam get slowly transformed into a huge, long piece of motorik drone folk (is that a thing? If it’s not, it should totally be a thing) accented with looping pianos, conjuring some sort of unholy mash-up between SimCity soundtracks, Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual and Neu! circa 1975. Add some Blues Control-styled cascades of jazzy pianos at the end and what you get is a masterpiece of repetition, a crowning achievement in huge, all-consuming psychedelia that could give a lot of potential to 5, maybe 7 good cassettes. Highly recommended, music to get drowned in!



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