The giant eye reflecting the sky gives a bit of a R Plus Seven-like totality, the simplicity and the impact. Plus, it is a nice step away from the tired, ultra-kitschy covers of most vaporwave albums, which employ an aggressive, chopped up collage psychedelia to overload the listener already on the visual level, not to mention the mangled sounds within. With ECO VIRTUAL, however, things are far less more on the pastiche/parody side and way more on the affirmation and simplicity side, posting skeletal synthesizer drum pads a’la Purity Rings against waves of Japanese 80’s New Age ambient atmospheres and bits of looping samples scattered across the virtual skies. It’s like arriving at some gigantic mall during the weekend during cloudy weather and then noticing, after a few hours of shopping, the clear crystal blue sky in one of the skylights, and wondering: “Why am I here?”. But you still stay there, sipping a coffee in the mall cafe, drowning in super-crystal natural sounds soaking from the unseen speakers and looking at a dense woodland by the highway from a window.


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