D/P/I – Fresh Roses

The way that Los Angeles based Alex Gray went from his beginnings in Dreamcolour and then his early Deep Tapes days with his glassy drones under his Deep Magic moniker to his newest sound collagist project D/P/I (also known as DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE) are like a story of a man who comes from the Amazonian rainforest straight to the Silicon Valley to get employed in Google, Facebook or some other Internet/IT giant with their futuristic, clean offices and imagined spaces for play, rest and work. On Fresh Roses, Gray takes sampled pieces or original collection of beats oscillating somewhere around IDM and twists them around, turning them into glitched-out pluderphonic collages filled with mismatched sounds and stained with digital distortion. Motivational speeches are rained upon with a storm of metallic clicks and cuts with lost transmission of lazy vaporwave and some more clicks and cuts again and so on… Gray definitely gets bonus points for defining a clear and interesting visual side to the project, too – mixing carefully positioned typography with minimalistic layouts featuring screencaps and Google Image Search suggestions.



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