Kordian Trudny – Katowice

Originally from Wałbrzych, now based in titular Katowice, Polish plunderphonic songwriter Kordian Trudny drops his newest, and quite possibly, most accomplished work yet. Titled Katowice, it presents Kordian expand even further with his penchant for strangely humorous songcraft and some really nice vocals paired with happy-go-lucky synths and plunderphonic craziness. Whereas his previous works, 58-300 and Odrzuty were more or less disorienting sound collages featuring some really surreal, odd snippets, Katowice is a much more auteuristic work, based less on samples and more on original melodies, which doesn’t mean there aren’t some jagged up, stuttering vocalizations a’la later OPN mixed up within whimsical songs punctured with absolutely nonsensical lyrics. Which are sung in Polish, so even if they were the most beautiful lyrics in the world, they still would be nonsense to you. Shame.



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