Basic House – Ambrosias Vol. 1

The heavy buzz of countless bees welcomes the listener in the immersive, droning sonic experience “ABC Ambrosia”, where the hive sounds get worked into a heavy, Vibracathedral-styled drone filled with lovely little pieces of feedback and the heavy hum of the beehive. And then it gets better. Ambrosias Vol. 1 collects various recordings from 2004 to 2009 made by Stephen Bishop – who’s also the founder of the Opal Tapes label. His work as Basic House may not be as rhythm-based as most Opal Tapes stuff, but it’s still a carefully crafted sonic experience, mixing hissy ambience with field recordings, where moments of silence or quietness are just as important as walls of drone that sometimes drown out everything else. And wait for side B’s 18-minute “Panasonium / Matrioshka Brain”, which sounds like a kosmische musik synth jam played in a wet cave and we might have a winner. Recommended!


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