Deep Creeps – Crown Gall

Imagine you’re a vampire. Then look at the cover of the cassette by the Boise, Idaho based hardcore noise-punk trio Deep Creeps. What do you see? That’s right, a motherfucking garlic. So you panic. This is what the music of Deep Creeps does do you. Hard-hitting, relentless, hateful, superfast hardcore punk with an overdriven, misanthropic air. Repetitive and primitive, like a more hi-fi Brainboms without the graphic lyrics, rather with more incompherensible screams in place of sick fuck fantasies. Maybe that’s a good thing. One can only listen to this much Brainbombs without going on a rape rampage. Anyway, Deep Creeps kicks some serious fucking ass, so pay those 3 dollars for that album or they’ll kick your ass too.


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