Duy Gebord – Kelp

(Almost) hot on the heels of Duy Gebord‘s Mangrove comes a new cassette, Kelp, released by the Toruń/Warsaw avant-garde revivalists Pawlacz Perski (English for “Persian cupboard”). Considering the content of Gebord’s previous tape, the music found here is surprisingly quiet and coherent, not lacking a healthy portion of mystery and scraped, bare soundscapes with a touch of field recordings and sound collage disinformation techniques. A bit in the field of cold musique concrete and a bit in the cozy early IDM area, the new cassette by Guy Debord is like a mirror labirynth; fascinating and dazzling at the same time.


Record Label Logos

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Record Label Logos

New label: Jasień

It seems like there are so many cool labels, projects and bands popping up in my country every month (every week, even!), I could easily change the name of the blog to Awesome Tapes from Poland and still keep the same rate of posting, if not higher. This time, following the footsteps of Sangoplasmo, DUNNO Recordings, BDTA and Wounded Knife (to name a very few) is the fresh Warsaw based label Jasień. The label debuts with two cassettes.


The first release is Hang by the Warsaw shoegaze band Evvolves. With a strangely psychedelic, messy cover comes a surprisingly strong and gentle distorted dream pop, with some beautifully reverbed vocals, leaving ghostly vapors all over the place (maybe that’s why the artwork seems informed by vaporwave in some twisted, prophetic way?). The songs come off as well-rounded and greatly executed, as if culled from the golden era of shoegaze.


The next release will be probably already known to the readers of Weed Temple, because the second cassette by the Jasień label is 30 Minut tape by Jakub Lemiszewski, one of my favorite Polish experimental artists. This album was already featured on WT, and it’s doubly great to see this collection released in a material format. Barbaric, crazy plunderphonics combining spoken word passages with faux-luxury sleazewave stuck somewhere between 1991, Negativland and some ultra lo-fi slowcore stuck deep in the woods (or in the bedroom, at least).

You can visit Jasień on Facebook.

Sunfighter – Golden Eagle of Illumination

Great stoner rock for the faded minds; lifting and crushing at the same time. With this kind of psychedelic rock you feel equally enlightened and hidden in the fog of lo-fi distortion and reverb. These herbal, tropical emanations come from the Philadelphia shaman Steven Siciliano hiding under the pseudonym Sunfighter. Sometimes sounding like a heavier take on Sun Araw with the stoned organs sharing the characateristics with Californian composer. Changing the tempo between frenetic free jams and plodding, slow burners, the Golden Eagle of Illumination cassette, released via Bookmaker Records is an unebelievable ride through beatific visions and spiritual emergencies. Highly recommended!


Duy Gebord – Mangrove

On Mangrove, released by the Wounded Knife label, Warsaw based sound artist Duy Gebord (real name: Radosław Sirko), combines some explosive free jazz drumming with seriously amplified and fried mega-electronics a’la Supersilent at their most caustic or a less version of the frayed EAI of Hong Chulki. Remember First Date, an earlier cassette of furious no jazz by Paper Cuts, also released on Wounded Knife, I reviewed a bit ago on Weed Temple? Duy Gebord generally follows the same areas, although on Mangrove he seems to struggle with his drumming against the ocean of KevinDrummian synthesizer hiss, in an free improv session of epic proportions. Side B will put you back in a relaxed state with a distorted, noise-infused cathartic ambience with a firm lysergic backbone.


Futuroscope – HUM

Modern-day French answer to the 70’s wave of German music also known as kosmische Musik, so for the French it’s probably something like musique cosmique. The cassette from the Tours based krautrock squad Futuroscope (great band name!), released via US label Monofonus Press is a spectacle of creeping, slowly building Neu!-like jams with a focus on a spacey atmosphere and psychedelic minimalism somewhere between BEAK> and the 90’s post-rock sound, still concise and mathematical at its core. The label says they worship Can. I think it’s true – they might be having some indescribable and horrific rituals and orgies involving the portraits of Holger Czukay and Irmin Schimidt. Shudder. Anyway, this is goddamn great. Warped, kaleidoscopically paced kraut-psych jams. Highly recommended!


Arbitrary Signs on Bandcamp

Now here’s some news that are about to give a faster heartrate (or even some orgasmic experiences tothe more devoted ones) to the fans of a certain rock band from Hartford, CT and their side projects. The Magik Markers home label Arbitrary Signs have started putting some of their catalogue for stream and download via Bandcamp. What we’ve got so far is some of the rare and long out of print live material by Magik Markers and some selected releases by Pete Nolan’s solo psych folk project Spectre Folk. Where to start? I’d recommend kicking off with Road Pussy, a great document of the Markers’ raw, anarchic beginnings. Not much structury, just a lot of spit and blood. And pussy.