La Piramide di Sangue – Sette

There’s no wonder that a band dabbles in the occult and the exotic if there is seven members involved. That’s the number of the Torino, Italy based cult psych team La Piramide di Sangue (Italian for “Bloody Pyramid”, you feel that giallo breeze?). According to the liner notes found on Sound of Cobra‘s BC page, the record itself, named Sette, is mostly inspired by the city of Torino itself. “Torino is a city crammed with dark apartment buildings. Layers of smog is hovering above and below the skyline, and people’s life stories accumulate like filth along the sidewalk edges. Misery and a sense of abandonment is the feel of Torino (…) From aged peeling buildings, laundry and more lives are hung. Fumes rise up from basements. Everywhere people are smoking. Living in Torino is like being in a film that makes the lungs impermeable. People smoke and drink.” There’s a heavy hasheeshian vibe in the air, filling everything with Middle Eastern influence and blowing some incense in the air as the slightly proggy psychedelic rock makes a brawl in the bad part of town. Kick out the jams, let the spirit of Italian prog and German kraut a’la Agitation Free get into you. Recommended!


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