USA Out of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes

American writer Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that when the American forces were withdrawing from Vietnam in the mid 70’s, they just pushed the helicopters off the landing pads straight into the sea, drowning dozens of them, never to be recovered. The last American soldiers at the time must have felt defeated and deceived by the American government, creating a wave of distrust, PTSD casualties and darkness in the 70’s. The Montreal based band USA Out of Vietnam propose their own vision of history in a series of epic, monumental post-rock/psychedelic rock jams kept within the fuzzy, analog end of the spectrum, but still, with some heavenly sung choruses and sufficiently melancholic atmospheres, like a less stretched out, more concise version of GY!BE with less conceptualism and straight psychedelic goodness. Highly recommended!


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