Sleeping Orchard – Planet Snakes

All right, this album cover is fucking stupid. It’s either done by someone whose biggest psychedelic experience ever was inahling too much cigarette smoke and passing out into bushes growing by the school building or got tricked into smoking some marjoram while being told he’s smoking the “dankest Rotterdam buds bro” and getting high as fuck off some spice and later being assigned to make a “psychedelic” artwork – “just make sure it’s like on LSD or something”. And then coming up with the idea of planets forming a cartoon snake straight outta an old Nokia game after two hours for browsing Google Image Search results for LSD.

No, but seriusly, what you get under that tongue-in-cheek cover is some really laid back, delicate psychedelia recorded by the three dudes from Texas under the name Sleeping Orchard. There’s no shooting straight to the moon or 30 minute white noise flamethrower fests. Just some good old, clearly 70’s inspired vintage folk/country rock with some analog dust and stoned atmosphere. The appetite for Sweet Leaf never ends, eh? For a something described by the band as “a psychedelic mess”, Planet Snakes is surprisingly melodic and coherent.


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