Virtual- 420 – 240p

It seems that while the musical stylings of vaporwave are now largely exhausted (because, let’s face it, how long can you make patchworks of spliced and slowed down 80’s pop?), the visual weirdness connected to that micro-genre are still very much alive and kicking. In fact, it seems that other genres are catching up with the vaporwave game, and the fractured hip hop of Virtual- 420 are a fine example of the initially satirical and plunderphonic stylical signifiers to create a laid back, almost psychedelic atmosphere. “these hands” combine Madlib-like beat with screams and something that in general sounds like domestic abuse. The title of the album, 240p refers to one of the lowest available resolutions on YouTube and it resonates the slight nostalgia of the time when it was the default resolution, as well as a twisting of the cannabis enthustiast cult number 420, used in the project’s name. Of course, there would be no cool rap without some slowed down samples and smeared r’n’b ooze, so there are some mutual tropes between the worlds of luxury rap and faux-luxury vaporwave. Interesting curio, check it out.

Virtual- 420 – 240p


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