New label: Jasień

It seems like there are so many cool labels, projects and bands popping up in my country every month (every week, even!), I could easily change the name of the blog to Awesome Tapes from Poland and still keep the same rate of posting, if not higher. This time, following the footsteps of Sangoplasmo, DUNNO Recordings, BDTA and Wounded Knife (to name a very few) is the fresh Warsaw based label Jasień. The label debuts with two cassettes.

The first release is Hang by the Warsaw shoegaze band Evvolves. With a strangely psychedelic, messy cover comes a surprisingly strong and gentle distorted dream pop, with some beautifully reverbed vocals, leaving ghostly vapors all over the place (maybe that’s why the artwork seems informed by vaporwave in some twisted, prophetic way?). The songs come off as well-rounded and greatly executed, as if culled from the golden era of shoegaze.

The next release will be probably already known to the readers of Weed Temple, because the second cassette by the Jasień label is 30 Minut tape by Jakub Lemiszewski, one of my favorite Polish experimental artists. This album was already featured on WT, and it’s doubly great to see this collection released in a material format. Barbaric, crazy plunderphonics combining spoken word passages with faux-luxury sleazewave stuck somewhere between 1991, Negativland and some ultra lo-fi slowcore stuck deep in the woods (or in the bedroom, at least).

You can visit Jasień on Facebook.


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